SAA Museum Society Future Development

Expansion programme and funding requirements

The Museum’s executive committee realise that in order to expand the Museum’s facilities to meet the growing demands placed upon it, as well as to provide an aviation awareness and learning centre, the construction of a new building with enhanced facilities is required. However the chief obstacle is the lack of financial resources, a situation that most Museums suffer from.
The Museum seeks sponsorship for the following:

The erection of a building in the vicinity of TAC which will contain the following:
a)       Display area, housing the collection of artefacts - typically the simulators, cut-away engines and photographic displays. This area will also contain a lounge/waiting area and souvenir/gift shop.
b)       Research centre with library and computer workstations.
c)       Office, preparation room and storeroom.
d)       Lecture room/function room.
e)       General purpose storeroom and workshop.
f)        Kitchen/staff canteen.
g)       Ladies toilets.
h)       Gents toilets
It is hoped that the SAAMS will meet requirements by a combination of support from:
* Individual contributors
* Corporate contributors
* Private trusts
* Public trusts
* Government agencies (regional and national)
Through generous contributions and grants from Contributors, the Museum will set a new standard for Aviation related museums in South Africa.

The SAAMS governing committee is currently made up of Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer.
Future staff and volunteers required:

A project leader whose responsibilities will be to supervise and monitor progress as the building is being prepared and the exhibits built.
A Museum manager who will be responsible for monitoring all aspects of the Museum as well as co-ordinate all fundraising activities. In addition, a part-time Volunteer Co-ordinator will be required to co-ordinate the recruitment, training and retention of volunteers.
An Education co-ordinator, who will design, develop, implement and evaluate all educational activities. As the Museum expands those part-time positions will become full-time. Additional staff will consist of volunteers throughout the community.
The Museum plans to use senior citizens, high school students, community members, and employees from local businesses as the core of their volunteer base.

The purpose of the SAA Museum Society's new facilities will be to educate and stimulate interest in historic civil aviation and to develop further the bond between vintage aircraft enthusiasts. It will also provide a forum for the exchange of aircraft history and information, as well as to further general interest in aviation.
A state-of-the-art research centre, complete with library and computer workstations, combined with a lecture hall will provide a completely functional education facility. Simulators, cut-away engines, artefacts, as well as many fascinating aviation related items will provide students with an insight into how flight works.
The focus will be on providing an educational venue for the community, scholars and students training in aviation-related subjects.
The history and evolution of aviation and aerospace technology will motivate and inspire the young to pursue additional learning.
The Museum is committed to offering a rich educational experience.

The SAAMS will be a gathering place for members of the public from all over the country who have an interest in aviation history. It will be a valuable resource for education, researchers and aviation historians.
The SAAMS will create an opportunity for a wide range of volunteers, from senior citizens to high school students, to work at the Museum and therefore make a valuable contribution towards preserving the history of civil aviation in South Africa.
The museum will work closely with local schools, universities and community groups to encourage "aviation awareness".

The marketing strategy has three major components: Advertising, community involvement and membership.
The SAAMS will have an on-going marketing agenda that includes actively participating in aviation-related activities such as air shows and aerospace functions and exhibitions. Regular print and TV coverage will be essential.
The creation and distribution of brochures that will be placed at tourist attractions and education centres will be part of the advertising campaign.
Newspaper coverage of all events will be vital to the marketing of the Museum. News releases will be sent out for all special projects and community programs, which will be offered throughout the year. The publicity committee will develop and maintain relationships with all media throughout the county.
Special "Open Days" will also be periodically organised to invite the community to visit and experience the Museum.
The SAAMS will provide to the public, schools, groups and service organisations the opportunity to assist with projects where many hands are needed to undertake a specific Museum project.

Membership to SAAMS will be a critical marketing tool. Yearly memberships will gain access to the Museum as well as reciprocal privileges to other similar organisations. Members will also receive newsletters. Memberships will also help sustain the day-to-day operational expenses of the Museum.

Contributors will be encouraged to fund the Museum's needs, and depending upon the level of contribution will be encouraged to participate on a recurring basis. In exchange, Contributors will:
* Receive as much print/television media coverage as possible.
* Be immortalised on the donor wall.
* Be able to display branding in suitable locations at the Museum.
* Be included on the “Sponsors” section of the Museum’s website with links to the Sponsor’s home page.



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