Membership and activities for members




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Some membership benefits are:
  • Subscription to the Museum's "Aviator" newsletter
  • Free Admission every time you visit the Museum
  • Participation in Museum restoration projects and activities


Activities for Members


Volunteers run the SAA Museum Society. We appeal to you the aviation enthusiast to join our society and afford yourself the opportunity of savouring the pleasures of preserving South Africa’s aviation heritage. Depending upon your interests you can participate in a wide range of activities.


Firstly and not necessarily foremost you can join the restoration team and work on our various static display aircraft. Most of the time the work involves cleaning many years of dirt, oil and grime from the aircraft. Working on the operational aircraft is possible and is conducted under strict supervision by qualified personnel and is limited to mostly cleaning the exterior and interior of the aircraft.


For those of you who like to keep your hands clean. Yes, you guessed it, paperwork. Over the years we have collected a vast amount of paperwork, stunning black and white photographs, boarding passes, newspaper clippings, air show programs etc, the list is endless. All of which need to be sorted, catalogued and stored in the correct place.




Official workdays are normally on Saturdays. It is advisable to check with the restoration team leader or contact us to establish what workdays are being held.


Please wear old clothes.


After a hard days work you can relax, enjoy a braai and general museum chit-chat with the other members.


There may even be some aircraft buzzing about.


Monthly Meeting


Monthly meetings for members and guests are held on the 1st Tuesday of every Month. Here one can participate in lively topical discussions.

Occasionally entertainment at these meetings may take the form of a guest speaker, the showing of an aviation related video, or an aviation quiz.


The January meeting is held on the 2nd Tuesday.


SAAMS Facilities at TAC Building, Rand Airport.



Annual General Meeting


The Annual General Meeting is held on the 1st Tuesday of August of every year.


If it is a Voting AGM i.e., for a new committee, paid-up members must please submit nominations for the new committee to the secretary, no later than 14 days prior to the AGM.


Any Motions to the AGM must be sent to the secretary, no later than 14 days prior to the AGM.


SAAMS Facilities at TAC Building, Rand Airport.

Time: 18:00




An informative newsletter is circulated on a regular basis to all members. As our main method of communication for country and overseas members, the newsletter serves to inform all about happenings within the society as well as provide useful snippets of Museum related news. All are invited to contribute material for publication in the newsletter.




A docent (the word being derived from the Latin word docere, meaning to teach) is officially defined as a professor or university lecturer, but the term has been expanded to designate the corps of volunteer guides who staff many of the museums and other educational institutions in the world. Docents are educators, trained to further the public's understanding of the cultural and historical collections of the institution.


Interested in Volunteering for our cause?


Come and volunteer at the Museum. We are constantly in need of volunteers to staff the Museum each day during open times. Members are often reluctant to volunteer because they do not feel they know enough about our collections or how to act as tour guides. We have addressed this by compiling a document covering the history of our organisation as well as a tour guide manual, available on request.

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